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Hypothetical localization service with sensor nodes in an amusement park
Example of rights management in a P2P network. We actually short of implemented this in a course taught by Dr. Leonardo Chiariglione which is, amongst others, founder of MPEG (Moving Pictures Experts group)
Design of service access to the sensor information in the Haroobang project.
One of the steps of the localization process in a ship building facility in Busan, South Korea. The ship parts would be tracked by triangulation when they are moved around the facility.
Example of remote actuation in the WISSE framework. The A.C would be turned on according to the dynamic body temperature of the user when walking home
Example of several service types in the WISSE framework.
Global Sensor Network concept. Heterogeneous sensor networks located in various locations and facilities would store their data in a global database accessible by any institution. This concept is powered by the EPC Sensor Network.
Global view of the Haroobang project. Wireless Sensor Networks located in the trail of the Halla mountain (Jeju Island, South Korea) would report real-time weather conditions back to ICU (mainland Korea) using Korea's IPV6 backbone network.
Military monitoring scenario using Wireless Sensor Networks. Was intended for the border separating both Koreas.
Using RFID and Wireless Sensor Networks in Korea's countryside.
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